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  Welcome to the Triumph Herald Archive

Launched to an eager public in 1959, the Triumph Herald was hailed as a modern, stylish car by both the press and public. In it's initial form of 948cc engine the early Triumph Herald sold well all around the world with over 100,000 cars being produced. At a time of crisis there is little doubt the Triumph Herald kept many workers employed at Canley, Coventry building the cars and many companies afloat who supplied numerous parts and fittings.

The Triumph Herald was initially available as a Saloon and Coupe in 1959 with a Convertible launched in 1960.

Production Figures
948cc Saloon: 86,129
948cc Saloon S: 6,577
948cc Coupe: 15,157
948cc Convertible: 8,258

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The story of the Triumph Herald is fascinating, from its proving run through Africa to the Rallies of Monte Carlo, RAC and Tulip. Yet, today most of the stories and details regarding the Triumph Herald have been lost. This site is focusing on the era 1959 - 1961 and collating an archive of every 948cc car built, where they were exported to and snippets of information sent through from enthusiasts, Standard Triumph employees and their families.
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Since has started we have had a fanastic response from owners from around the globe, ex employees (and their families) from Standard Triumph and many NEW items of information added, to record the cars introduction. We hope with your help the website will continue to flourish and find out more information in the future; with your help and input.
The database needs your help in compiling a listing of all the Triumph Heralds produced. A mammoth task so, we are firstly concentrating on early Triumph Herald 948 examples. If you can help us we'd love for you to get involved - get in touch with any memories, info, photographs of 948 saloons, coupes and convertibles.

Today the early 948cc powered cars are very rare, with the Convertible being the rarest of the three styles with only a handful remaining, of which most are in Australia or USA. In the UK the remaining 948cc Convertible tally is just ten cars!

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